It is strange that on both occasions my father was expelled by the same party president

Pop Culture: "Inception" tops the box office again. Jennifer Aniston to join episode of "Cougar Town". Ricky Gervais will make return appearance on "The Simpsons". Some credence was given to this theory when Coleen made her first appearance in a tiny hot pink bikini that would have fitted into a spectacle case. Not that Mrs R was owning up to anything: a lot of clothes to stay to the end of the tournament, she responded. Have faith and support my country!!. 'When I was denied a BJP ticket I was faced with a dilemma. My sons said the honourable thing for you to do is to meet the cry of the electorate. The cry of the electorate was, "You have to come here because you are the only one that can contain this rot of casteism in this border area." We are not, and have never been casteist in this area.''I think the BJP will be the single largest party.Seventy six is perhaps not the age to be expelled from a political party that one co founded, but for former Union minister Jaswant Singh, it is nothing new.It seems like just the other day he was expelled by the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2009 for his book on Pakistan's founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah but, as many in his camp would say, that was a different BJP so he could go back to it in 2010.

The BJP that has expelled him now, for his insistence to contest from the Barmer Lok Sabha constituency, is "different." "It is strange that on both occasions my father was expelled by the same party president, Rajnath Singh," says Bhupendra Singh, the veteran's younger son who is leading his election charge in the jumbo sized constituency that covers eight assembly segments.On Sunday, pandora earring sale uk April 13, Jaswant Singh went on a road show in Jaisalmer fort, which although lies in the adjoining district, is part of the Barmer Lok Sabha constituency, and the response to it can only described cheap pandora rings as phenomenal.It was "unprecedented," say both the father and son, and is reflective of the anger towards the BJP for treating him "shabbily" as well as the love the people hold for the son of the soil who, strangely, has never contested a Lok Sabha election from Barmer in all these years.Jaswant Singh decided to defy the BJP when it not only denied him a ticket but decided to nominate a fresh off the boat Congress legislator, Colonel Sona Ram (retd), from Barmer, leaving him with no option but to throw his hat into the ring as an Independent. 

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